Need for Morning Sex and see what it can do to improve your day,If done Right.

Sex is both a physical and spiritual exercise, which includes body touching, kissing, and other sweet jolly plays. Your state of mind matters a lot if you will either enjoy the activity or not.

There is sex and there is Lovemaking. What do I mean? Some folks say sex is getting in and rushing out. While others say lovemaking is sex with emotion and affection. It could be a quickie but it will have all the ingredient of passion and satisfaction.

So in five simple ways let’s see what sex can do for your day.

  1. Good sex creates a strong bond.
    Sex in the morning comes with great benefit, which includes cuddling and helps the brain produce a chemical called Oxytocin that controls the love and bonding in humans. This will increase the connection between you and your spouse. Imagine going through your entire day knowing that you are loved and you have a partner who loves you regardless, is priceless. Why not try it today.
  2. Sex boosts your confidence

One the ingredient you need to have a great day is confidence. Sex is sure to give you that, especially for a woman who is not confident about her body. During sex, the sweet pain releases a chemical in your body called endorphins which help to boost your mood. A good mood can help facilitate a great day.

Sex can help boost your brain and give you confidence, with the right mood, you surely will have a successful day at work or whatever you did be doing the entire day.

  1. Sex is exercise

Though Sex cannot be equal to an actual workout but it sure will help you burn some calories, don’t worry about how much time you need to put in, just go ahead and have a great time. Whoever that initiates the sex doesn’t count, what matters is that you enjoy yourself. A quickie for the road is surely a fantastic way to get your day’s vigor.

  1. A source of vitamin

Doing crazy sweet amazing things to your body during the morning sex and releasing good hormones can help boost your immune and defend your body against bacteria, viruses, and other germs. It doesn’t have to happen every day, just allow your bodies to go with the tide of the early morning breeze. The best sex happens when you don’t plan for it.

4 Sex makes you look younger

Every day we go through different forms of stress and you need to still feel young for your spouse, this can be challenging in many ways. For some couples, sex is a stress reliever and a sleep stimulant, in any case, the tendencies of not enjoying it, is high, so why not in the morning when you have slept off most of the stress from the previous day, thereby releasing some chemicals that can help you look younger.

During sex, several chemicals like oxytocin, beta-endorphins, and other anti-inflammatory molecules are released to help you look younger.

Try it out and don’t worry about light or heat, the morning cool breeze, and daytime light are soft and flattering. You don’t need to do all the hard sex styles, staying in your partners’ cuddle and spooning or coming from the backside can work magic in the body. Most importantly the two just want to have sex if not one will enjoy and the other suffers.

Need for Morning Sex and see what it can do to improve your day,If done Right.

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