Nigerians!Do you remember Kebbi’s Maga Model Pry School where pupils sit on the bare floor in tattered classrooms?

Tracka have done the magic.

Now, let’s celebrate!

A short THREAD.

How to Reduce Nigeria’s Out-of-School Children: The Success Story of Kebbi’s Maga Primary School
You can blame the situation on massive poverty, insurgency, parental failure, government’s negligence or whatever factor, Nigeria has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world—10.5 million school-age children roam the streets nationwide.

The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) even claimed in October 2018 that the number had surged to 13.2million, according to its National Education Personnel Audit. But this has been disputed in a fact-check by @TheICIR.

The fact-checking nonetheless, there is no disagreement that Nigeria homes the highest number of out-of-school children globally. @UNICEF_Nigeria confirms it, that one in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria, putting the details thusly:

“About 10.5 million of the country’s children aged 5-14 years are not in school. Only 61 percent of 6-11 year-olds regularly attend primary school and only 35.6 percent of children aged 36-59 months receive early childhood education.“

The behind-the-stats reality

While the internet is replete with data, it requires some first-hand experience or at least a “solidarity visit” to public schools in Nigeria, especially – but not only – in rural communities, to really grasp the stark reality.

And trying to make that possible here, here’s a short story of Maga Model Primary School.

From Maga, a rural community in the southern edge of Kebbi State, Nigeria, Tracka unravelled one of the acute examples of why children don’t find public schools livable in any sense.

The only state-owned in a community of more than six thousand people, below was the jaw-dropping state of Maga Model Primary School where pupils posed bashfully for pictures, as they learn on the bare floor in the tattered remnants of their classrooms.

It is needless to emphasize why the classes were nearly empty, isn’t it?
Our advocacy

Tracka shocked Nigerians online when it revealed the condition of learning in the school even when it was already nominated for renovation in 2018 national budget for N150 million.

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