Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez is furious after boxing champion Deontay Wilder flirted with wife Rita.

Friends of the footballer have told how one of his sisters pulled Rita away from the boxing champ. Ex-model Rita hit it off with Wilder after they were introduced in the VIP-section of the celebrity-packed nightclub.

A source said: “They were chatting intently, laughing and joking. You could see there was chemistry there and a real connection. But because of where it was, a lot of people noticed how well they seemed to be getting along.

“It’s a club full of footballers and Wags, which even some of Riyad’s teammates go to. Rita was actually on a night out with Riyad’s sisters who she really gets on with.

“And they did not appear to be happy with what was going on. One even seemed to go and get Rita, to take her away from ­Deontay, who was of course trying to keep her with him.

“There was a bit of a tug of war over her affections, which of course a few people witnessed.”

Sources said Mahrez was “devastated” to hear how WBC champion Wilder, famed for his knockouts, had zeroed in on the 25-year-old mother of his two children.

One said: “Of course word soon got back to Riyad about what had happened. He knew about it by early the next morning. Riyad was shocked and a bit upset about it — and he couldn’t get his head around what was going on.

“What man would not be upset at the thought of their beautiful wife being chatted up by one of the baddest men on the planet?”

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