My Name is Mrs Bose Ola,from Oyo state,My Miracle Was Not Stage-managed

The woman who appeared in an alleged stage-managed miracle in a trending video on social media, Mrs. Bose Ola has disclosed that she truly received her miracle at Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, Lagos, aka Liberation City.

Contrary to the allegation that she allegedly stage-managed her miracle with some men of God, Bose Ola while speaking with yesterday in Abuja said she has been to different churches and even some Mallam’s places but after she gets healed, she gets attacked again in her dream and her stunted hand return.

Bose Ola, who hailed from Oyo state said she did not collect a dime from any man of God. Adding that if truly she received N1 million for the alleged stage-managed miracle her living standard would have improved.

Narrating her ordeal to zolex Reporters Bose Ola who is also a petty trader said her in-law took her to Liberation City where she received her miracle.

According to her, ‘’My name is Bola Ola from Ibarapa Oyo state, I have gone to different churches but my hand do shrink again after I get healed. I was introduced to the Liberation church by my husband’s sister who took me there.

‘’Look at me am doing fine. If they give me money, I would not be like this they did not give me money and they did not collect money from me too. I went there to find a solution to my predicament.

‘’I have visited different churches, and Mallam houses, I have also travelled outside the country to Niger Republic because of my condition. Since I went to Liberation City, I did not go to any church. I have been healed.

She added that since her visit to the Liberation City her hands did not shrink again.

She said: ‘’Nigerians please this man healed me and I am very happy and I can sleep well now. I did not collect any money to state-manage any miracle and I did not pay any money too. I cannot sleep all I do is to cry but my hand is okay now.

‘’My hand is straight and it did not shrink again since six days now. Please Nigerians, I did not collect money from anybody and nobody collected money from me for healing. They helped me and I received my miracle and I am very happy.

‘’Even my family members were very happy. Please, they did not collect money from me.’’

Zolex recalled that the founder of Mountain of Liberation And Miracle Ministry, Dr. Chris Okafor, amongst others have come under fire on social media after a video clip showing them performing what appeared like a miracle created a controversy.

Also, several Nigerians flooded social media with mixed reactions after two videos surfaced online, and showed two different pastors performing the same miracle on the same woman with the same health condition.

Also speaking to her in-law, Fatila Musa, she said she they have gone to several places of worship together and that was why they are close.

She said after her treatment the affliction do return after a few days, but after they both went to Liberation city, she got healed.

‘’I appreciate what God has done for her through Prophet Okafor. We have spent money on her ailment. But we thank God for this miracle. Nobody gave us N1 million and we did not pay any money for her miracle too,’’ she added.

My Name is Mrs Bose Ola,from Oyo,My Miracle Was Not Stage-managed

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