#Burnley 2-4 #Chelsea:Captain America Pulisic’s perfect hat-trick seals Blues’ 7th straight win

Christian Pulisic scored a hat-trick to announce his arrival in English football in sensational style as Chelsea beat Burnley for a seventh consecutive win in all competitions.

2019/2020 Premier League

2 – 4:-Rodriguez (86′) ,McNeil (89′) ,Pulisic (21′)Pulisic (45′) Pulisic (56′)
Willian (58′)

Christian Pulisic scored a hat-trick as Chelsea extended their winning run in all competitions to seven games with a 4-2 victory away to Burnley.

Pulisic opened the scoring in the 21st minute with his first Chelsea goal and proceeded to double his side’s lead just before half time.

In the 56th minute Pulisic added another goal with a header, with Willian also scoring two minutes later.

Jay Rodriguez scored an impressive late consolation for Burnley, and Dwight McNeil reduced the deficit further, but Chelsea held on to take all three points.

GOAL! Burnley 0-1 Chelsea (Pulisic)

GOAL! Chelsea lead, it’s brilliant from Pulisic! Space opens up behind the Burnley defence as Lowton can’t control a header back to him, Pulisic picks up the loose ball and drives at Tarkowski. He looks like he’s held onto it for too long but a quick shimmy shifts the ball onto his left foot and he hits it across Pope into the bottom-right corner.

GOAL! Burnley 0-2 Chelsea (Pulisic)

GOAL! 2-0 Chelsea, Pulisic at the double! It’s similar to the opener, a loose ball drops to him in midfield after Willian makes a good interception and he drives straight at the penalty area. He goes right instead of left this time, and his right-footed shot takes a nasty deflection off Mee and inside the near post.

GOAL! Burnley 0-3 Chelsea (Pulisic)

GOAL! Chelsea lead 3-0! Perfect hat-trick for Pulisic! They win a corner off Lowton on the right, and while the defender is on hand to make the near-post clearance from the corner, he doesn’t get it right. He can only divert the ball straight back to Mount who delivers again, and Pulisic powers in a header from the line of the six-yard box.

GOAL! Burnley 0-4 Chelsea (Willian)

GOAL! It’s four, Willian gets on the scoresheet! Everything is going in for them at the minute. Chelsea win the ball in the left-back position and find Abraham, who carries the ball through the centre. He lays it off to Willian at the edge of the area and the Brazilian opens a bit of space with a stepover before shooting across Pope, right-footed into the bottom-left corner.

Hudson-Odoi booked for diving after VAR turn over penalty decision

No penalty! VAR has a look, and Hudson-Odoi has gone over in the area where Tarkowski’s foot was – but the defender pulls out, and there isn’t a touch.

GOAL! Burnley 1-4 Chelsea (Rodriguez)

GOAL! 4-1! Rodriguez picks the ball up in midfield and nobody closes him down so he just has a pop. 25 yards out, right foot, top-right corner. Boom.

GOAL! Burnley 2-4 Chelsea (McNeil)

GOAL! 4-2! McNeil comes infield from the right after an exchange of passes with Brady, hits a fairly weak-looking left-footed shot, but it deflects unkindly off Tomori and beats Kepa at the near post.

Burnley 2-4 Chelsea:Captain America Pulisic’s perfect hat-trick seals Blues’ 7th straight win

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