Drinking brawls at night:Nigerian killed in Nalasopara, countrymen go On rampage damaging vehicles

Nigerian killed in Nalasopara, countrymen go A group of Nigerians went rampage

A group of Nigerians went on the rampage, damaging vehicles in Pragati Nagar, Nalasopara (E), early on Wednesday, after a fellow national was allegedly murdered. Locals retaliated by blocking buildings and chawls occupied by Nigerians, and prevented them from stepping out. The area was tense and police have stepped up security and have contacted the Nigerian consulate.

Tuling police suspect Gut Ke Joseph (35) was punched, kicked and left to die by fellow Nigerians after a drinking binge around 3.30am. Police took Joseph to hospital, where he was declared dead. He is believed to have been drinking with friends at home. Around 3am, they got onto the streets and there was a fight among themselves, mostly Nigerians. They are believed to have punched and kicked Joseph, who collapsed.

While the killers fled, some Nigerians went around destroying parked vehicles,including cars, autos, tempos and trucks. Windscreens were smashed and tyres were deflated as the mob demanded action against the killers. Locals later went around residential buildings in the area, where Nigerians reside, and prevented them from leaving their homes. The mob of locals threatened the Nigerians if they stepped out. A Nigerian from Jai Matadi building told TOI that he, his Indian wife and two children were afraid to step out. Locals alleged that many Nigerians get into drinking brawls at night.

A case of accidental death has been registered and the autopsy report is awaited. Some Nigerians and local residents have been detained for questioning.

Drinking brawls at night:Nigerian killed in Nalasopara, countrymen go went rampage damaging vehicles

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