Blood flows In Aba,As Man ‘kills’ three cousins in Aba,Abia State

MAN whose name is yet-to-be ascertained has reportedly killed his three cousins.
The incident, our correspondent gathered, occurred at Ugwumba Estate on the outskirts of Aba, the commercial nerve of Abia State.

One account of the incident has it that the suspect slit the throat of the eldest child with a knife, before attacking the younger one with the same knife.

While the eldest child died on the spot, the other was said to have died while being rushed to a nearby hospital.
The third one was said to have died while receiving medical attention.

Sources in the area told our reporter that early callers to the scene, apparently angered by sight of the decapitated body of the attacker’s cousin, lynched him.
According to sources, the attacker locked his brother up in a shop where he was sewing clothes so that he could have enough time to carry out his plan on the innocent children.
Speaking on the incident, a source who pleaded anonymity said, “We know him as Oga IK. I learnt that the younger brother has been accusing him of being responsible for his woes. The younger brother, since I came in here has been acting strange. In fact, people around here see him as a mentally retarded person because of the way that he behaves.
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“Sometimes, you will hear him asking his brother to share their father’s property among other unprintable things that he will be saying.
“On that fateful day, the elder brother was busy sewing some of the clothes he had with him; the elder brother sews boxers. The younger brother noticing that the man’s attention was on what he is doing seized the opportunity to lock him inside the shop and by that time, his children just returned from school and were in the yard.
“In order to accomplish his evil agenda, he brought a knife which he used to kill the first daughter of his elder brother.
“Seeing what was happening, the second one raised alarm but that didn’t stop his uncle from unleashing his wicked act on her. We later learnt that she died on the way to the hospital due to heavy loss of blood.
“When people came in and saw what happened, they pounced on him and gave him the beating of his life. They tied his hands behind him to further made life miserable for him.
“He was said to have died in the process, while the third cousin is said to have also died. The place is locked at the moment and there is no way could verify the truism of the rumour about the death of the third cousin. It was really an ugly sight to behold.
“We are worried that we cannot ascertain what really happened now that the culprit is dead.”
When contacted, the Commissioner of Police in the state, CP Eneh Okon said that he was yet to receive information about the incident.

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