After Some Occupants killed Police Officers & carted away AK 47 Rifles,Police set ablaze Houses

After the Occupants killed Police Officers and carted away AK 47 Rifles

policeman and a civilian were killed yesterday during a clash between suspected cultists and policemen at the Ndiegoro axis of Aba, Abia State .

As a result of the incident, some buildings in four streets in Okojombo, Anaba, Degema and Umuosi were set ablaze.
The policeman was killed by some suspected cultists and four police riffles seize by the gang.

Sources say the problem that led to the shooting that claimed the life of the officer and a civilian driver on Friday came as a result of some disagreement between a drug cartel and some police officers who visited the area.

According to sources, “the Friday incident was as a result of face off between officers of the Ndiegoro Police Division and the drug cartel in the axis. The policeman that was killed was popularly known as Alhaji.

Abia State Police Commissioner, Ene Okon, denied that policemen burnt any house. He said if any building was burnt in the area, it could be reprisal from rival cult groups.

You see eh, Nigeria is a place where you blame the aftermath without blaming the immediate math.

What do I mean? I mean that, why did we not ask what made the occupants to kill a police man and Carter away with AK 47?

Why did we not ask, why will a civilian kill a police officer?
In Igbo adage, it is said “when you blame the egbe that took the child of a fowl, you also blame them fowl for going in the wrong direction”

I totally condemn what the police men did to render people homeless and at the same time, I in totality condemn the fact that we civilians don’t respect police men. These men are governed by law and at such we should accord them that respect.

In the western world, you dare not touch a police man. Why is our own different?

Now all we scream is the aftermath of the destruction. Blame them both and on one side.

We are too biased in our country.

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