Accident took my only Child & i was saved.Doctor said i can’t give birth again. Read my testimony

She was involved in an accident with her only child in 10 years of marriage, her child died, she was told she won’t bear children again – Read the testimony of a Nigerian lady

On that Wednesday 29 of June 2011, enthusiastic and excited, Emmanuela waved to the rest of the family, “bye bye o! bye bye o!! at home as we left the house to Maza Maza, we were to travel to Onitsha. That was actually 5 days after her 1st birthday, so she was the celebrity. But to me, she was everything I’ve got in a ten years marriage. Having a humble beginning my husband had to travel overseas living us back in Nigeria, so in my loneliness I became so much attached to her, we were best of friends and understood each other, but that journey separated us from each other, I wished I saw that coming.

My husband was making a plan to have me join him abroad before Emmanuela came into the picture a year before, leaving her behind was a nightmare for us so we were struggling to get her visa too. I was travelling for this purpose.
We left the park around 9:00, and my daughter slept off, few minutes later I slept too, I woke up later at filling station at shagamu where we were buying fuel, then slept again as we left, that would be the end of the first chapter of my life..

I woke up in my dream with excruciating pains all over me, bandages all over me, my hands and legs tied up and lots of white dressed people, busy around me, I couldn’t even figure out what was going on but I remembered I and Emanuela were traveling, I asking “were is my daughter”?, at this point I was told we had accident but that Emanuela was in another section and ok, that was 3 of July (I had been in coma for three days).

I was transferred to ‘Jibod hospital’ at Ajegunle where x-ray revealed that I was like a bag of broken bones, all most all my bones were broken. it was a situation beyond the doctors in that hospital, but they didn’t say so, my husband returned and was with me at the hospital with all his loads under my bed throughout that six months, He was the one that told me that Emanuela died at the spot along with most of the passengers, that I was one of the surviving few.

I was butchered in many failed unsuccessful surgery that rather complicated my case, by this time my husband had been made to pay more than 500 thousand naira and there were still constant demands of money, been desperate ‘Good is good transport’ was contacted for help but they refused so we also had the challenge of raising the money,almost 1 million naira was spent there. Then the doctor discharged (abandoned) me ones the payment was completed, it was at this point that my real suffering started, the doctor started avoiding us. (it was clear that the doctor duped us).
This was a terrible period for me as I was sinking deep in sorrow, fears, we were told I can’t have children anymore and that I may not walk anymore, amputation of my two legs were suggested so I knew my life was going down. I knew I had nothing to offer to my husband anymore I knew he will soon move on, but he never did, He stood and fought like a wounded lion, God helped his efforts and after long battles with the Italian embassy, I was granted a visa. This gave me the opportunity to continue the struggles for my life in overseas. For the next three years it was a battle to regain my life and identity. God gave us the victory. After series of surgeries, I am back on my feet with three children (two boys and one girl), this album ‘Sister Miracle’ marks a return to my music career. Beyond medical possibilities God came to my rescue, for all I’ve seen., “This is my conclusion” ‘Our God is Good. He made me a living testimony. I am Sister Miracle.

Accident took my only Child & i was saved.Doctor said i can’t give birth again. Read my testimony

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