I Have Never Abuse Goodluck Jonathan, Even when Patience hijacked security of Rivers State,I Amaechi was still calm.

The immediate past Governor of Rivers State and current Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, has said that he had never abused former President Goodluck Jonathan.
Amaechi said even when President Jonathan’s wife, Patience hijacked the security of Rivers State and superintended over it from her house, he (Amaechi) was still calm.
Amaechi stated this in an interview with journalists in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, at the weekend.

The Minister said that Governor Nyesom Wike has everything working for him and superintends over security council, wondering what else the Governor could be looking for other than to accuse the APC in Rivers.

Amaechi said, “There is a difference between boys and men. I never opened my mouth to abuse Goodluck, to threaten or tell the world, oh Goodluck is facing me with violence, they are arresting my people.
“I never did. Then, when I call for a Security Council meeting, nobody will attend. The then Director of DSS will come on face cap at 12 midnight with a taxi as a disguise, just to brief me about the security of the state.
“Now the Director of SSS walks into his office, the commissioner walks into his office, Brigade Commander, GOC walk to him.
“Why has he stopped complaining about these people? Because they are with him, briefing him.
“As Rivers Governor, Mrs. Goodluck Jonathan superintended over security council in her house. I was governor and a married woman, not a staff of government was superintending over security.
“Now, the governor of the state superintends over security council, so what is he looking for other than to accuse the APC in Rivers?
“We reassure Nigerians and the governor to come out and vote people they want. We expect the police, army to provide the necessary security.
“We will not allow Wike to repeat what he has been doing. When we were fighting criminals in the state, I use to drive out with the Brigade Commander. We slept 5 am and woke up 9 am to go to work, but Wike sleeps at night.
“The campaign at that time was you can sleep with your two eyes closed, while we open our eyes. Those we sent on a scholarship he brought back, saying they are not Rivers people.
“Business has collapsed in Rivers. That is why the crime rate is high. People are moving back to Lagos.

“NLNG must be regretting now because we assured them of security, the reason they agreed to move their headquarters here. Now their headquarters is here, they are not safe as we promised them. I joined politics in 1987.
“Let one politician beat his chest and say there was a meeting I attended in which we hired thugs. I believe the formal security is enough to protect lives and property.”

I Have Never Abuse Goodluck Jonath Even when Patience hijacked security of Rivers State,I Amaechi was still calm.

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