heavily pregnant Harela Uba who killed 3-day-old baby said she what came over her

The suspect and her 7-year-old daughter
Tears rolled down her cheek ceaselessly as in those 25 minutes grueling moments at the Niger State Police Command, Minna. It was a moment of sober reflection for the heavily pregnant Harela Uba. The impact of her action sunk amidst flashes of media cameras.

The 22-year-old mother of three and first wife, was alleged to have planned the murder of her husband’s second wife’s 3-day-old baby in their residence in Shakonda community, Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State.

She was alleged to have given her 7-year-old daughter, Khadija Uba a poisonous substance to administer on the 3-day-old baby which killed him. The incident was said to have happened on September, 14, 2019.

Their husband, Uba Saidu approached the Shiroro Police Division in Kuta, where he reported the matter.
According to the state command’s Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO) DSP Mohammed Dan-Ina Abubakar, Uba reported that his second wife, Fa’iza went to the bath room and left her three days old baby boy in her room and upon her return, discovered white foam coming out from the mouth of the child and was rushed to General Hospital, Kuta where he was confirmed dead by a physician.
“The Police on reasonable suspicion invited his first wife, one Harela Uba who is eight months pregnant for questioning being the one at home when the incident happened.
Upon interrogation, she confessed of giving her daughter, one Khadija Uba, seven years old, a liquid substance suspected to be insecticide also known as ‘ Ota Pia-Pia ’ to administer to the child, which she did.
It was, however, difficult to get the suspect to give her own account of what really happened that fateful day. And when she decided to do so away from the flashes of camera and amidst sobs, the 22-year-old was incoherent.

“I don’t know what came over me. Oh God, why is this happening to me,” were all she could muster under her breath in Hausa.
It was a pitiable sight at the premises of the command headquarters and her condition, being heavily pregnant, as well as the punishment that awaits her if she is eventually found guilty for the offense, understandably elicited sympathy from onlookers.
The police said it was a case of culpable homicide and DSP Abubakar said that she would be charged to court soon.
A Police prosecutor, who would not want to be named, said the court will view the case as a premeditated murder, carried out on a defenceless child who had nothing to do with whatever crisis the family is facing.
“The system will always exact a high price against her if she is found guilty and the penalty for homicide is always severe,” he noted.
Also, the state chairman of International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Christiana Barau, said although there are emotional concerns over the woman’s condition, the position of the law on such matter is very clear.
According to her, under the laws, it is a crime to cause or attempt to cause bodily harm or death on another person. She said the prerogative on whatever punishment to be meted according to the laws, rests on the presiding judge who would handle the matter.
As it were, and judging by past antecedents, the mother of three is unlikely to get bail in view of the nature of the case as the litigation over the matter is set to commence. What this means, is that, she is likely to put to bed in between the courts and the prison.
There is respite though on the part of the 7-year-old Khadija, who the laws enforcers agreed should have been an accomplice, in the case if not for the fact that she is a minor.
“In the eyes of the law, she is still a minor and therefore not culpable in the matter,” DSP Abubakar observed.

heavily pregnant Harela Uba who killed 3-day-old baby said she what came over her

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