A 12-year-old girl has delivered a baby after being impregnated by a boyfriend, eight years older than her, in Ukraine.

The unnamed girl of Roma origin went in labour at the landfill near the city of Rivne, western Ukraine, and was urgently hospitalised.

The girl had been impregnated by her 20-year-old boyfriend. Reports say she did not understand what was going on after starting having contractions.

Frightened and screaming in pain, she was spotted by a landfill guard who called an ambulance.

The girl was rushed to Rivne Maternity Hospital where doctors helped her to deliver a baby son on Saturday, September 14th. The process was difficult and lasted ten hours, medics said.

Doctor Olena Sadova said to local media: ‘A child gave birth to a child. I’m still in a deep shock when thinking about that.
‘The pregnant girl was asocial and extremely dirty. She was scared and did not realise what was happening to her.
‘The birth-giving lasted ten hours and it was emotionally hard for everybody. We all cried after.’

The hospital staff say the delivery passed without complications.
Galina Kovaleva, the head deputy of the hospital said: ‘The girl worries about the newborn. She constantly comes to the neonatal intensive care unite to check on the boy.
‘She wants to feed him but the newborn has a birth defect and cannot be breastfed.’
According to reports, the girl’s relatives want to take her and the newborn back to the landfill they call home but the hospital administration has refused to allow that.
Victoria Enikeeva, the hospital’s head doctor said: ‘The girl lives at the city landfill. We cannot discharge her and the baby and let them go there. We reported the situation to the police and social services.’
Medics say they have to keep an eye on the relatives who already tried to take the new mom and her son from the hospital without permission.
It is understood the relatives do not see any obstacles for the newborn to live at the landfill, which they treat as their home.
The newborn’s 27-year-old grandmother said: ‘Just give me them both back. I want them to go home with me.’
The large Roma family lives in filthy shacks made from rubbish found at the landfill. The community lives in horrific insanitary conditions and makes money by scavenging for scrap metal and selling it.

12-year-old girl delivered a baby after being impregnated by 20 years boyfriend,in Ukraine.

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