BBNaija: Frodd Attacks Khafi “You Are 2 Faced” As Mike Watch with face Expression

BBNaija: Frodd And Khafi Clash. “You Are 2 Faced” – Frodd Tells Khafi, Mike’s Expression Got Fans Talking 

Here is the moment Khafi and Frodd clashed.

Frodd has been hailed for telling Khafi ‘the truth’.

Frodd was seen telling Khafi she slanders and gossips.

Khafi is seen by some as being ‘2 face’, that she is the reason why Seyi and tacha are having issues.

Meanwhile, the look on Mike’s face, his facial expression as Khafi and Frodd clash got fans excited. 

Interestingly, evicted housemate, Jackye in new interview revealed how 2 faced Khafi is. Watch it. 

Frodd was correct and I was impressed he was Igboman enough to call Khafi a ‘tatafo’ to her face.

She keeps twisting people’s words exonerating herself in the process like she did with Jackye’s view on Tacha’s beads.
Now she’s made Venita appear the bad person when she shared the same opinion on Mercy suggesting punishments to Biggie.

You can’t keep making yourself seem a saint and painting others as bad.
That’s both cowardice and being two-faced.
It is also pure treachery and being a traitor.
Well, why am I not surprised….it’s in her.

While bravery is in Frodd and Mercy who challenged Venita with Khafi’s gossip while Diane went mute.

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