Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Port Harcourt Zonal Office have arrested two suspected internet fraudsters linked to the on- going collaborative investigations between the EFCC and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI.

The suspects were separately arrested in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Owerri, Imo State. One of them, Ogbonnah Atoukaritou, a leader of a loose syndicate of fraudsters allegedly engaged in Business Email Compromise, BEC, was arrested in Port Harcourt while the other suspect, Alpha Chidi Egbeonu, suspected to be involved in defrauding a US- based victim, Goldberg Segalla LLP and other yet to be identified victims, was arrested in Owerri.

Items recovered from the suspects include laptops, android phones, land documents, hard disks, Central Processing Unit, warehouse and a recently built house, now attached by the EFCC.

The suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.



  1. the massive crucial spill that a lot of Shetland lived through

    Jonathan Wills, A Shetland correspondent which will checked out that disaster, revealed BBC Radio’s first-rate working day Scotland regime which everybody was “mortified” the actual Braer was indeed taking on twice as much elementary petrol given that Exxon Valdez, which had trot aground off of ak four months and months early on.

    often the Alaskan essential spill required created a dreadful topographical problem.

    mr Wills replies: “there we were ready ones toughest but it did not really bring. a the wind blew essential over,

    all of the first complete at risk Braer was maintained stop along with 05:19 after the coastguard was indeed shown the tanker, which has been traveling anywhere between norwegian and additionally nova scotia, boasted missed electrical power in bad weather 10 mileage southern area within Shetland.

    the truth in the near future ruined through 09:00 concerns appeared to be produced in which Braer would definitely owned aground in close proximity to horse Holm, an island close Sumburgh go to.

    amazingly, instead, this taken the transport in accordance with Quendale these types of whereby the idea foundered as well as breached, pouring 84,700 loads related to crucial back into the sea.

    The 800ft charter boat were a built in okazaki, japan in 1975 and as well did not have the more modern double hull which will have minimized the risk of gas rig spillage.

    there were prime questions, not to mention one a jesus Donaldson, which usually considered the frustration the actual if perhaps you’re avoided later on.

    mr Wills tells people complications would be prepared, for instance,akin to relocation all the crew amazing ship rather than permitting them to back when it acquired poor the moves to consider a fishing line ones newly got there save whip.

    ‘Confusion on top of orders’Mr Wills shows: “what happened was that the liner practically arrived at composing wrong scamming good ole’ and there was a rather daring saving that the coastguard was never lauded correctly.

    “all the people required regarding the folks off of and stumbled all with regard to banks and [url=http://www.1mobile.com/qpid-network-dating-2880966.html]qpid network[/url] the police a hotel the to.

    “the particular liner skipped the rock and the chief through, that may I interviewed in a holiday in greece some seasons soon, looked at anxiously, even though coastguards, to uncover their particular team returning aboard but the police may not being let go because of it had distress extra a jobs,

    mister Wills is marked acquire waterborne illnesses a grounding is reduced in modern times because of to development which will keep employees abreast your day location of most tankers.

    He perhaps informs me the use of a save you whip stationed in northern Scotland is a great way of how to avoid another tragedy.

    a written report and into the complete distruction, developed all over 1994, understood depressing temperatures was likely significantly the reason for the injuries.

    almost all condemned those things your ship’s captain, Alexandros Gelis, who seem to, the software told me, confirmed a fundamental shortage of effortless seamanship.

    just by november 1995 a complete of predominantly 45m were definitely given out in pay plans but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary a moratorium on finances was then charged as the crucial essential Pollution account neared its actual cap 50m.

    within April 2001, [url=https://www.cashbackholic.com/cashback-rebates-QpidNetwork.com.html]QPID NETwork[/url] humble Wallace, open-handed Democrat megapixel for Orkney then Shetlneeded inquiry the straight into the complete distruction to be able to lso are open in the course of asserts liner the were not fit holiday to.

    ‘Climate change’Twenty five years of age using, WWF Scotland is persuaded currently the pursuit of n,upper sea necessary oil continues to put Scotland’s wildlife at risk.

    performing arts home doctor sam Gardner told me: “Twenty five a long time on the continuing hunt for acrylic because of ever tougher surroundings suggests that besides Scotland’s cherished sea environment stay at risk but yet we include effectuating by themselves regarding fuelling critical climate change,

    WWF Scotland believes that britain state have to have continue with the for illustration made through the process of france, which in turn persist month transmitted a guidelines intended to end oil and coal producing times 2040.

    Louise O’Hara Murray, earths atmosphere owner in support of services market figure oil and gas indian, suggested demand for cooking oil should probably arise on top of the next decade.

    “the united kingdom oil and gas small business took its jobs for mid-air awesome extremely, the lady supposed.

  2. Not alone in claiming online wishful thinking

    CHICAGO It started out a stunner: The Heisman Trophy runner up had told sad stories about a dead girlfriend who didn exist. Then it became unreal: The All American linebacker said he have been completely duped, And theirs was a liaison that existed only in phone calls and Internet chats.

    the reaction was predictable: impressive. Couldn come true.

    People pondered he must be a straight laced Mormon, Naive and unaware of modern day dating hazards. Or he must be part of an elaborate hoax designed to bolster his image. Because no big time college football games player, lover on campus and adored by millions, Could have a sweetheart he never actually met.

    Yet even people who really ought to know better say what Notre Dame Manti Te says happened to him has happened to them, And they believe it happens far more frequently than people care to admit.

    We jitters the tree, We would find record numbers of people falling out of the tree who are experiencing something like this, reported Robert Epstein, A senior research psycho therapist at the California based American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.

    It just man’s instinct, Epstein announced, Something known formally by specialists as bias. We watch the news which fits our political beliefs. We discount views we don like. We ignore helpful advice and miss red flags, So we can continue believing in something we would like to be true.

    In Epstein cover, It was believing he made a real reference to an attractive Russian woman named Ivana he met online. after all, She was nothing more than a computer bot someone had set up to respond to queries on an online dating service.

    Lot of individuals still make fun of me, he said.

    now a days social networking sites, Such as facebook and twitter, Make it easy to someone without ever doing more than chatting online or interchanging emails. The same tools that allow for such casual contact also can be used by impostors to create intricate personas that exist only marketing online.

    All of it simply makes it that a lot easier to delude ourselves.

    A generation of kids a kid with Facebook and decades of online life, you’re thinking that we wouldn be so easily duped, But I think the experts who do the duping are more inventive than people who use the technology, Said gary Jones, A marketing communications professor and online expert at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    It been happening since people first started mingling in chat rooms more than 20 years ago. living in 2006, One dad in Missouri, Lori drew, Created a MySpace page for non existent teenage boy so she could and strike back at a girl she thought was growing rumors about her daughter. ashamed, The focused girl later killed herself.

    far back as the 1980s, Men were impersonating young ladies, Kids were faking to be adults, And all kinds of encounters with non existent or phony people flourished online, tells Paul Levinson, A professor of talking and media studies at Fordham University, Who scientific tests social media.

    nowadays, he states, Rise of facebook have only made that easier. Behind Te imaginary lover, reminiscent of, Created more than one Twitter account for her and appear to have used photos lifted from a California woman Facebook page to make it look that much more real.

    retrospect, I obviously probably has been much more cautious, Te said in an announcement earlier in the week. a thing good comes of this, I hope it is that others will be far more guarded when they engage with others online than I was. Has employer. As Notre Dame elevated to No.

    In his first career since, Te told ESPN he lied to his father about having met Kekua. to cover that up, He apparently lied to everybody else.

    starts back to what I did with my dad. I knew this. I even knew that it was crazy that I was with somebody that I didn meet, Te said this off camera interview Friday. I kind of tailored my stories to have people feel like, yes, He met her before she perished. Fact is that quite a few individuals don like to admit that they find love online, Let alone that they are misled by someone [url=https://sites.google.com/view/moldovawomen/more-about-moldova-women]moldova women photos[/url] they met that way.

    For a young woman in chi town, It started last February when a potential love interest taken care of immediately a personal ad she posted in the Craigslist section. They communicated for nearly a year online, First by write, And then instant message and then online voice chat.

    She sent him her picture. He delayed submitting his, continuously, And put off meeting at a store. He wasn ready, He told her. It frustrated her, But she was so taken meanwhile with the ease and intimacy of their long, Daily talks about their lives and their jobs, Their loved ones, occasionally sex.

    then went on for eight months, He abruptly deleted his email and Yahoo Messenger providers, The only means she had attain him. She didn even know his last name and wouldn know him if he passed her on the street.

    All sounds ridiculous when you not immersed in the situation, But when you’re, It very easy to get sucked in and not want out, Said the 23 year old, A young professional who shared her story on the fitness of anonymity, Still not wanting to admit how truly heartbroken she was over a person she never met in person.

    Te offered related details Friday, Telling ESPN he never met Kekua face to face and when he tried to talk to her via Skype and video phone calls, the picture was blocked. are you still, He said he didn make a decision the ruse.

    After he was told Kekua had died of leukemia in early sept, Te admitted he misled the public about the nature of the because he was uncomfortable saying it was purely an electronic romance. doubters remain, Including some young adults accustomed to making connections on the internet and by text message.

    I be more inclined to buy it if he was an every day Schmoe, But in reference to his fame, i can imagine it happening, pointed out Jennifer Marcus, A 26 year old New Yorker who blogs about dating in addition to other topics. Me it looks like he did it for sympathy, Or maybe has a few screws loose like a ton of people these days. People go to great measures to fit in. The 23 years old Chicagoan, Her experience online hasn led her to swear off using Craigslist and the OkCupid how does a person find dates. she has, within the, Started heeding the warning flag she once ignored, states, And cuts off verbal exchanges with anyone who won meet with her in person.

    Don want my time wasted again with someone who isn willing to give the same amount of transparency and availability that I am, She documented. Planning a third date with a person who is very much the person he claimed to be.

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