No Matter How Plenty The Devil Gives, He Will Take It Back – Shocking Confession Of Shina Rambo

Did You Know That… SHINA RAMBO who terrorized South Western Nigeria and Benin once spent N50million in a day and drove 40 Stolen Cars in a convoy from Lagos to Benin Republic unstopped. .

He killed the 9 Herbalists who performed Rituals for him to gain Powers, so no one could know his Secret. .

Shina Rambo (now a Pastor) pounded 27 babies to death, killed over 100 people to eat their tongues and slept with his own mother for spiritual ‘powers. ‘

He once hijacked over 42 cars in a day. He stole hundreds of Cars and sometimes, gave many of them out as Gifts.

Shina Rambo is believed to have once escaped a Police chase from Ibadan to Lagos on reverse! He said his Spiritual Wife drove him around. .

He claimed to have lived in Iroko trees (he said looked like 5 star hotels), that he was buried alive for 7 days & had Elders he submitted to.

“No matter how plenty the devil gives, he will take it all back. Regardless of how smart you are, you’re going to lose at the end.” – Shina Rambo.

Shina Rambo spent 11 years in prison for the numerous crimes he committed. He was given an executive pardon for good behaviour. Now Evang. Matthew Oluwanifemi, he ran away from home at 7, after his corrupt soldier Father tried to kill him for assembling his gun. He was cut by him. .

Shina Rambo’s Dad came back with thousands of Naira stained with blood daily, which he stole from Civilians. Shina saw all these.

Shocking Confession

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