Lady sent parking by husband in a house they built together because of a girl his sister brought for him

My husband and I started from the scratch and gradually fortune smiled on us. We both ran a joint account and built a house. We lived happily until his twin sister made her way into our lives. She started dictating the tune. She never gave up until she talked my husband into taking another wife. Then hell was let loose.

“For almost two decades, I lived in a world of fantasy. I believed I was married to an angel and counted myself the luckiest man on earth.  The scales suddenly dropped from my eyes and truth stared me clear in the face. I discovered that my wife of seventeen years was nothing but a slot.”

A woman, Oluwafolahan Phillip has prayed Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, to put an end to the relationship between her and her husband, Taye Phillip.

Oluwafolahan had sued for divorce on the account of mistrust and betrayal by her husband.

The plaintiff further appealed to the court to grant her custody of their six children in order that she might give them the necessary attention.

Taye acceded to divorce.

The plaintiff stated that:”If I had known that my relationship to my husband would end this way I wouldn’t have ventured into marriage with him.

“I trusted him and gave him my totality but he ended up disappointing me.

“We started our marriage with nothing. We started from the scratch believing that we would make it like others.

“We believed and trusted in each other and ran a joint account where we were both keeping a part of the little amount we were both earning.

“Gradually, things began to take a new turn as fortune began to smile on us. We laid down the various projects we had in mind and chose the construction of our house as the major priority.

“We built and moved in and lived there happily with our children. But my joy was short-lived.

“My husband’s twin sister suddenly came on the scene and turned our home upside down.

“She started controlling my husband and dictating the tune in our home.

“She told me my father in-law had three wives and therefore my husband must take another wife.

“She told me to put a stop to child bearing after our fifth child. I had another child after this and she took her away at the age of two.

“My husband gradually lost his hold over our home, “she stated.

“My lord, my sister in-law made her threat real. She brought in another woman into our home whom she called my husband’s new wife.

“Heaven was let loose after this; our home was turned upside down because both my sister in-law and my rival poisoned my husband’s mind and turned him against me.

“He took to fighting and beating me. He later threw my belongings out.

“My lord, I’ve come to court to seek justice, “she said.

“I agree to divorce, my lord, “the defendant stated.

“I have been deceived for almost twenty years by my wife only because I love and trusted her.

“I have always believed she was an angel and the best woman any man could marry.

“I have always counted myself lucky until I came in contact with the truth.

“My lord, Oluwafolahan is dubious and has done the unimaginable with our joint account.

“I have lost my trust in her because she’s a slot.

“She got area boys to beat me up because I chastised our son. I can’t live with a thug and harlot any longer, “he told the court.

The court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje adjourned the case till August 27 for judgment.

Lady sent parking by husband in a house they built together because of a girl his sister brought for him

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