Has Donald J. Trump passed his due date & has overstayed his welcome in the presidency?

Americans In Their Millions Are Unlike Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump is a bully on the playground. He will soon leave or be removed from the playground, just so that a majority of the kids, good and excellent kids can come into the playground, and play!
Donald J. Trump has aggressively, deliberately, and wittingly chosen not to be a symbol of unity of American citizens, but, instead, a notorious racist-in-chief, who uses the bully pulpit to intimidate!

Donald J. Trump is an aberration in the American presidency, and his tumultuously volatile time in the hallowed halls of the White House, the seat of the presidency will pass, and not a moment too soon!
On CNN, Tim Ryan, a decent man, and Congressman from Youngstown Ohio, told of how his wife, is proud of his rejection of the National Rifle Association’s political and monetary support, and so, as far as the NRA ratings are concerned, he, Tim Ryan, has suddenly fallen from an A-grade rating to an F-grade rating! Nobody likes an F-grade, but, Tim Ryan said, “My wife is happy that I went from an A to F NRA rating and I will love to keep it that way!”
Congressman Tim Ryan, made these revelations on CNN in the midst of two recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas respectively.

I was in Dayton, Ohio briefly in the early 1990s. It is a beautiful, lush green and pristine city, it housed IBM and NCR, and an American Air Force Base. Dayton was a beautiful city where neighbors crossed from one courtyard to the next during holidays, particularly, on the Fourth of July barbecues!
The thought of a mass-shooter was unthinkably out of this world, and assuredly not in Dayton, Ohio for a million years, but, that is exactly what happened last weekend!
Americans do not need weapons of war in the streets of cosmopolitan America! As a member of the few and the proud, it is okay to have an M-16 as a best friend, and have 100 or 250 bullets magazines. But, when I am heading to WalMart , COSTCO , Home Depot or IKEA, I should not be thinking of battle materiel and whizzing bullets.
Americans are way too resourced and they are way past a hunter and gatherer primitive culture ! Why should we continue to be obsessed with guns and be fixated on a 500 year old militia argument wrapped in the Second Amendment?
American voters should let Donald J. Trump know that he has passed his due date and that he has overstayed his welcome in the presidency!

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