SO SAD As Nigerian Lady Dies While undergoing cosmetic surgery in an Abuja hospital

A Twitter user has admonished Nigerians to love themselves the way they are after she allegedly lost a friend on Sunday while she was undergoing cosmetic surgery in an Abuja hospital.

According to the Twitter user with the username Afu nwa na Tuwita, the deceased was a “boisterous” woman and was doing well for herself.

Last Sunday, she went for liposuction in an Abuja hospital to reduce body fat but she began bleeding during the procedure and reportedly died.

Liposuction is a technique in cosmetic surgery for removing excess fat from under the skin by suction.

Read the thread below.

People! please, love yourselves the way you are. I just got a heartbreaking news and I thought to come off hibernation and make this thread. So, this lady, a friend of a friend, doing well in Abuja, died on Sunday. I’m pained and angry at her, for dying the way she did.

On Saturday, she dropped off my cousin at home, all smiles and lively, unbeknownst to us, she was scheduled for a surgery the next day, Sunday. She was going under the knife, to reduce “body fat.” That’s liposuction abi?

This was supposed to happen at a big Abuja hospital.

She, eventually went for the op and somehow, she started bleeding, so much that the doctors couldn’t control it… That’s how this boisterous babe died oh

She wanted to reduce body fat!! I’m angry because this was totally avoidable!!

See eh, however you are, please realise that it’s the best version there could ever be of you. Yes, you grow over the years, at whatever stage you moved from, that’s an upgrade to your model, the best version of you, per time. If Apple can upgrade, why not you? 

Truth is, foolish people may body shame you, call you fat, thin, shapeless, butt-less, etc, does it matter? No! God saw you and said “wow, that’s a masterpiece.” Accept/love who you are and live the best life you can. Yolo! It’s not arrogance to be your best hype man. 

Sisters, that guy should be ready to love and accept you, even with post-baby fat. It’s not criminal to be plus sized, or skinny; Heck, it’s not criminal to be you! “I love you” also translates to, I accept you the way you are! Don’t let anyone make you under value yourself. 

If they’re not ready to be with you because of ANY reason whatsoever, it’s their loss. Let em walk! Societal expectations? Don’t let TV ads and movies, or social media ideals make you second guess yourself. There’ll never be anyone that will come close to being exactly you! 

I’m really saddened by her loss. My heart goes out to her loved ones. Please, desist from making people feel less of themselves. In this case, she felt being “fat” wasn’t cool… Sadly, being dead ain’t cooler. Let’s do better.

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