Men Should see How To Seduce A Woman With Your Fingers

#1 Friction or stroking.

The easiest and lightest technique is friction-based rubbing. This kind of movement aims to stimulate the sense of touch of the skin. This is done by using the whole surface area of your hands in contact with your partner’s body. The touch should be full-contact with only light pressure. 

#2 Compression. 

Compression is done by applying pressure over a specific area. This technique aims to reach the muscles and connective tissue below the skin and increase blood circulation over that specific area. Compression is usually done using the palm of both hands.

#3 Kneading. 

Kneading is similar to compression. However, it focuses on a smaller, more precise area and utilizes rhythmic, circular motion. This technique requires the most pressure and is used to target large muscles such as the buttocks, the thigh, and the belly.

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