A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), RARDUJA International, has organised a one-day workshop for nurses in Imo State, on the dangers of illegal migration.
Speaking at the workshop, which held in Owerri, the state capital, RARDUJA founder Dr. Endy Duru said it was part of the organisation’s efforts to drive home the message against unplanned journey abroad to all.
He said nurses were among those who hold the strong belief that life is rosy abroad and “have travelled without having the necessary information about the reality on ground”.
Duru maintained that most of the nurses, who travelled out, ended up roaming the streets of Europe frustrated or engaging in social vices including prostitution.
He stated that the workshop was to expose nurses and other medical practitioners, who intend travelling and working abroad, to the inherent dangers and risks of illegal migration, as well as equip them with the right information on how to secure legal jobs and have meaningful life over there.
The NGO said it was committed to partnering the government and other stakeholders to end the suffering and risks most Nigerians go through in Europe as a result of unplanned journey abroad.
Founder/Director, Students’ World Afrik (SWA), Olanike Adebayo, bemoaned the high number of frustrated and stranded Nigerians in Europe and called for caution against unplanned travels among Nigerians especially the nurses. .
Adebayo, who runs a nursing recruitment agency, maintained that part of the mission of the agency was to partner other bodies to provide nurses who intend to migrate abroad the opportunity to do so legally.

She guided the over 200 participants on the legal ways to travel to United Kingdom and the United States for jobs and permanent residency, pointing out that over 1,000 nurse across Africa have benefited through SWA in the past six months.

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