Should i stay with my Beloved Family and invest or leave? Please your kindly advice in Needed


Guys I need advice on what to do at this point in my life. 

Got a job, in my state, place of work not far from parent’s house (rented flat).

I’ve managed to save up to 400k so far, I’ve always longed to move away from my parent’s house and get my own place, but they’d always kick against it, citing that there’s no need for that since work is close to home. Left for them, they’d like me to stay till I plan for marriage whenever that will be; Lol, parents sha. 

I’m already 28 years old, so I think it’s time. 

My colleagues already yab me anytime they get the opportunity, they love reminding me that I still dey chop mama thank you. 

Problem is, the job security at my place of work is not that encouraging. I have older colleagues who have been in the company for 8 to 15 years, I’ve also, within my short period (less than a year now) seen about 5 workers sacked, it’s a place where any thing can happen at any time. 

So, should I invest this 400k in renting and furnishing an apartment with the constant uncertainty hovering over the job,and no side income yet, or should I continue staying with my parents while I invest the money in a side business which I don’t know how it’ll fare… 

Now, frankly speaking, I’m not cut out for business, it’s not my forte at all, so starting any at all comes with great risk but I still feel the need for another source of income. 

On the flip side, Staying with my parents is not even as economical as most would think. Ever since I got the job, parents no dey gree say them get money again. All the bills are on me. 

I’m just confused. 

Salary fluctuates between 60 to 80k

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