*Reasons Abians must cease to see their slave chain as golden bracelet

During the roguish liberation slogan, omnifarious undemocratic deeds were adduced as reasons Dr Orji Uzor Kalu and family must be rejected by Abians and his political dynasty deracinated.

Playing the victim, the then governor, T.A. Orji politicised his decision to dump the PPA. He instantaneously inveigled himself into the affections of the battered Abians by describing it as a personal sacrifice to “liberate Abia indigenes from the clutches of bondage”.

He explained that his decision was for the good of the people, “I have to leave PPA to liberate Abia,” Orji told the people of Umuawa, an Ohuhu Community, who paid him a solidarity visit at the time.
He continued “… By so doing, I’ve also removed all the people of Abia state from the clutches of PPA,” he said, accompanied by approbation from the visiting crowd.
Our human rights lawyer, Chief A. C. B. Agbazuere also corroborated this assertion and publicly declared that Governor Orji’s move was “liberation for Abians.”

The then Deputy Chief of Staff, Chief Charles Ogbenna also gave his approbation thus:
“We have endured for a very long time and this time we want to tell the world that enough is enough… Because our destiny has been entrusted in one man’s hand and we have suffered for a very long time…
“… I hereby call on my numerous supporters and people who have expected us for some time to free this state from the shackles of evil leadership and machinations of selfish individuals that we have to chart a new course for Abia State.”
This was validated by the late Sen. Chukwumerije, who was representing Abia North Senatorial District. Like today’s Abia PDP, he said, “PPA is a family business in which the sole shareholders are Madam Eunice Uzor Kalu and her children. All the members of the party are employees.”
Chukwumerije further opined that the Kalu family controlled the political economy of Abia State through control over key posts, control over a network of paybacks and tithes and control over state business. He added, “Despite PPA being registered as a political party, it’s nothing but a family business. The sole shareholders are mother of the former Governor of Abia State and PPA chairman of Board of Trustees, Orji Uzor Kalu and her children while all the members of the party are employees.”
Then the Ohuhu People’s Congress (OPC) that had compromised its integrity through a statement by its Chairman, Uzor Umunna, described Governor Orji’s action as “a right step in the right direction geared towards liberating Abians from mamacracy and papacracy.”
Interesting! Isn’t it? But rather than depart from the old ways; “Wifycracy” and “Pikincracy” were introduced and entrenched. This ensured the political ascendancy of his son, Chinedum Ennyinnaya Orji (Ikuku) who became the de facto governor because of his overriding influence.
Nine years after, the de facto governor is the number three citizen of Abia State, his father, after 16 years in power proceeded to the senate where he will spend eight years representing the same people his government raped and enslaved for eight years.
We were hoodwinked to believe that the making of the insidious political dynasty was liberation for Abia and Abians. A gold plated slave chain was deviously hung on our necks and some foolish ones among us are admiring it as golden bracelet.
Fellow Abians, the chain on your necks is not a golden bracelet but a slave chain. We have been annexed to endure decades of years of peasant servitude; our children also mutatis mutandis.
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