Stakeholders Have Advised Buhari To Appoint Uzodinma minister And bury Imo APC

As president Muhammadu Buhari prepares to name his ministerial nominees, a group, Concerned Imo APC Professionals and Stakeholders has petitioned the president requesting him not to appoint Senator Hope Uzodinma.

In a five page petition titled ‘’A ministerial consideration for Senator Hope Uzodinma would mean a final burial for the APC in Imo state and entire south east’’ and addressed to the president, the group warned president Buhari to maintain a safe distance from the senator as hobnobbing with him would send a wrong signal to the people.

The petition which was signed by Dr Franklin Modesty Uzowihe (national coordinator, Lady Beatrice Obinali (Secretary) and Engr Fab Ngobiri (Diaspora coordinator, USA), stated that Senator Uzodinma was wrogly imposed on them to fly the ticket of Imo APC gubernatorial candidate.

It maintained that for the interest of the party and its teeming members in Imo who are gradually regaining consciousness after the guber loss caused by the senator, it would be a disservice to reward him with a ministerial appointment.
It also said that the senator is also facing a corruption case before the anti- corruption agency, arguing that it would not rob off well on the government of president Buhari that prides itself with corruption fight.
The petition reads in part: ‘’Our attention has been drawn to news making the rounds, both here in the state and in the South East generally, that a certain Senator Hope Uzodinma, an eight year former senator of the federal republic, and the one who was erroneously imposed on us as the gubernatorial candidate in the just concluded general elections, is being taunted and projected in some quarters as a possible ministerial nominee for Imo state.

‘’While some may argue that rumours lack substance and should just be seen as such, we on our part, are simply being cautious, pragmatic and raising early alarm that for the interest of our great party, and party men in Imo state who are gradually regaining consciousness after the appalling, disgraceful and unfortunate loss of the guber election in the state caused by this same senator, that you do not for whatever reason consider him anywhere near your possible ministerial nominees.
‘’Mr President, your zero-tolerance to corruption and the war you have waging against it and other sundry achievements are major reasons Nigerians returned you for another four years in office. While you served your first tenure, you met a senate and party members of no verifiable antecedents who you had no choice working with. But you will certainly and completely lose your long and hard earned reputation should you at this final journey, continue to parade, let alone wine and dine with such characters that are likely to cast a slur on you.

‘’If we must start from the recent gubernatorial outing in the state, should a candidate of a ruling party who could not even deliver his own immediate local government area, a candidate that came a distant fourth position behind PDP, AA and APGA, a candidate who could not even complete a tour of the twenty seven (27) LGAs of the state during the campaigns be seen anywhere close to the national secretariat of the party, let alone, being tipped for future appointment. It queried.
The group averred that the president should rather look out for those that diligently and genuinely worked for the interest of the party and the president from the zone but are not making noise about it.

It further said that Imo APC requires a leader with national outlook, financial muscle, friendly and approachable disposition.
‘’Our dear president, this letter is also intended to intimate you that there were and still are, other better options of credible men and women from our great party in Imo state who worked towards the victory of our party and Mr President. These decent men and women are still quietly working for the success and positive projection of our party. It is our candid opinion and recommendation that you look out for such people and choose from among them, your ministerial nominee,’’ it said.

Stakeholders Have Advised Buhari To Appoint Uzodinma minister And bury Imo APC

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