JUSTICE FOR STELLA DOOSUUR MNDA. (Pictures) By Dr UCHE DIALA ***************************************



On Monday 25th March 2019, 20 year old Stella Doosuur Mnda was sexually molested until she died.

Her death reportedly took place at No – 6, Dan Magana Street GRA Gboko, Benue State.

The suspect in the heinous crime, Sesugh Ioryisa Jam, whose escapades are well known in the area, allegedly demanded that the late Stella have sex with him. The deceased refused saying that she was not his girlfriend. The suspect insisted and forcefully dragged the late Stella away to an unknown destination, even in the presence of witnesses, some of whom pleaded unsuccessfully with him to let her go.

Later same day, the 20 year old died in his company. The said Sesugh Ioryisa Jam only fled the scene abandoning the corpse after news of her death got out and family and friends arrived.

He has been on the run since then.

We gathered that the incident was reported to the Nigerian Police Force Divisional Headquarters, ‘A’ Division, Gboko where the IPO in charge of the case has not been very forthcoming and co-operative for yet to be ascertained reasons.

The corpse was deposited at the General Hospital Gboko Mortuary. Information at our disposal is that an autopsy was paid for by the family but a doctor merely physically inspected the body and stated the cause of death as asphyxiation. On further probing by the family, he said it was as a result of strangulation.

Late Stella was eventually buried on the 30th of March 2019 at Buruku Local Government Area Of Benue State.

Up till date the suspect has not been apprehended and no head way has been made on the investigation, leaving the family helpless, frustrated and distraught.

No one deserves to lose a young daughter in such a violent and senseless manner and it is double punishment for justice not to be expeditiously dispensed.

We hereby call on the Nigerian Police Force and other relevant authorities to ensure that this suspect is apprehended without further delay and made to face the full wrath of the law.

1. Stella Mnda while alive.
2. Burial Poster.
3. The suspect Sesugh Ioryisa Jam.
4,5,6. Stella’s corpse when she was found (viewer’s discretion adviced).

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