can you prophesy to me?

Its a confused term used when someone wants you to see vision for them

Some would even ask, are you a prophet?

What they want to know is, if you can and will see visions for them

Visions are tricky, don’t go looking for it, if you do, you’ll get lost

Many today have lost their faith because of some visions or prophecy they went in search of that never came to pass

Some have married wrongly after certain visions were seen for them

God speaks through visions, when He does, the vision and message would come to you, you won’t have to seek for it

One day, a woman came to me for healing, I told her she’ll have a baby, she said, for 10 years she had been barren but it wasn’t the barrenness issue that brought her, it was a liver problem. The liver is gone too I had said, but God said I should tell, the baby has come. Today she got the baby

The other time, I called my evangelist’s wife and told her, *you are pregnant*, she said, *no I’m not, though I want to.* She too had been barren after giving birth to two girls 7 years ago. I said, well, you are pregnant and this time is a male. She gave birth 9 month later, his name is Jared

I can go on and on

People who got prophecy without asking for it always get the real one

Pastors who prophesy to everyone they see, especially if you visit them for the first time are fake.

Don’t put your pastor under pressure to prophesy to you.

Don’t go to any prophet to prophesy to you

That someone can predict that there’ll be flood tomorrow and it happens doesn’t mean they can predict your life for you

We don’t need to know tomorrow, we just need to know the one who knows tomorrow

Sometimes the problem may really stress you and you need the word from the Lord to comfort you, read your Bible, pray and believe God has answered your prayers, confess God’s promise and keep doing that.

God’s promises in the scripture are all you need to hold on to

When God has a specific word for you, He’ll find ways to tell to you; you don’t need go look for it

If God hasn’t spoken and you are bent on hearing a prophesy, the devil will speak and show you what you want to see; don’t fall into such temptation

God bless you
Pst Promise