Last night’s Monday Night Raw saw the final night in the WWE for Dean Ambrose……………………………

The Shield pay tribute to the departing Dean Ambrose on his final night with WWE

A former world champion and multi-time Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, The Lunatic Fringe decided some months ago that he wasn’t going to renew his contract with the company.

Despite being reportedly offered a multi-year, million-dollar deal, Ambrose looks set to take some time out of the business rather than make inroads for another promotion.

Ambrose was given a match with former Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley on his leaving evening, but the match never took place.


After being goaded about his wife, commentator Renee Young, Ambrose snapped and attacked both Lashley and Lio Rush before the bell could be rung.


It was Ambrose who was left laying though, Lashley Spearing him then putting him through the announcers table, as his wife was left to pick up the pieces.


That may have been the last time we see the former WWE Champion on our screens for some time, and he really went out with a bit of a whimper.

His former faction buddies Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns weren’t going to let him leave just like that though.

After Raw went off the air, new Universal Champion Rollins invited Ambrose out to the ring where he reminisced on their early days as The Shield, and recalled legendary wrestler Arn Anderson calling them ‘two indie schmucks and a football player’.

The trio had one final Shield embrace in the middle of the ring before they parted ways, and you can watch the full nine-minute video below.

perhaps Ambrose deserved more on his way out of the company after the losses he’s picked up in recent weeks, but there’s no denying the impact he’s had in his six main roster years as both a tag team wrestler and a singles competitor.

There’s much uncertainty regarding whether or not we will see Ambrose ever again in a WWE ring – you can’t rule anything out – but he deserves some downtime probably more than any other wrestler in the company.

Last night’s Monday Night Raw saw the final night in the WWE for Dean Ambrose.