One Man Way Try To Be Peace marker Done Get Himself killed,When He Was Trying To Separate fight between couple

Wife of the deceased sitting down and being consoled by sympathizers.
A twenty nine year old man has met his death after he went to separate a fight between a couple in Umueze village, Isuaniocha, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra state.
The incident which occurred at early hours on Monday had thrown the people of the area into mourning.
The mother of the deceased and the wife are calling for justice to be done by ensuring that those involved are brought to book.

The victim, Bonaventure Mkpume was an only son of his parent, hence he married about four years ago and have lived happily with the family despite waiting upon the lord for marital blessings.


According to his wife, Mrs Chinenye Mkpume, they were at home when one of their family friends , called he phone calling for assistance that the husband was beating her.
Mrs Mkpume said she wanted to go alone but the husband insisted on going with her not knowing it would be his last day on earth.


She narrated that when they arrived the compound,not knowing that the distresses lady had called some boys on the phone to come over for reasons that only her can explain to the police.
Sympathizers at the compound of the deceased.
While they were still making peace for the couple, about five boys , faces familiar to them all, appeared at about two O’Clock in the morning and immediately pounced on the deceased who was standing just in front the gate.
Mrs Mkpume further explained that while they butcher her husband with axe and matchete, the couple that invited them ran inside and locked the gate leaving her and her husband to the mercy of the boys.


They cut off one of his arms , a cut his neck and butchered him while the wife shout for help but no one came to their immediately.
The young widow said that her husband died shortly after he was rushed to hospital having run into the bush with one hand and several matchete cuts.
Mother of the deceased, Mrs Grace Mkpume could not hold back her years as she call for justice to be done to all those involved in her only Son’s death.
Police Command in Anambra state through its public Relations Officer, Mr Haruna Mohammed said the DPO was yet to brief the headquarters on the development.

One Man Way Try To Be Peace marker Done Get Himself killed,When He Was Trying To Separate fight between couple

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